Gobble Meal Kits Review: Flap Steak & a Mushroom Burger

Gobble is one of the most expensive meal kits out there, but it’s also the best one. The meals are positively delicious, with high quality ingredients and balanced main-side combinations. They also seem to serve the most modern dishes. And while other companies have moved to make their kit preparations quicker, Gobble is still the quickest of them all.

I subscribed to Gobble for a couple of weeks, and got a bunch of vegan meals for my daughter – which she didn’t appreciate nearly enough. The non-vegan ones I got for us, however, rocked.

Seared Flap Steak with Charred Shishito & Mini Sweet Peppers with Romesco Sauce

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Rating 8/10

What makes Gobble the best meal kit subscription out there is really their sauces, and this romesco sauce did not disappoint. It was delicious and did a great job of bringing together the steak (which I obviously undercooked) and the salad. This wasn’t a particularly original meal, but it was very solid.

Wagyu Beef Swiss Cheeseburger with Mushrooms & Truffle Aioli

Rating: 10/10

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I’ve never had wagyu beef before because, honestly, it’s too expensive. I’ve seen wagyu burgers before, but I always felt that there was no point in getting them as the special characteristics of the meat were likely to not be present when ground. Boy, was I wrong! This burger was absolutely delicious, it had the best beef taste I’ve ever had in a burger.

The mushrooms were also great, which surprised me as there wasn’t any trick to them. I wonder if Gobble could be using better quality mushrooms to the ones I get at the supermarket, and what exactly a better mushroom would be anyway. Of course, it may have been the truffle aioli which really made them shine. Whatever it was, they were great and the whole burger came together wonderfully.

The little salad on the side was also very tasty.

For this meal, I did not follow the actual instructions as they were needlessly complex. I simply cooked the ingredients in the logical sequence.

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