Rocky’s Charcoal Grill

Update 4/10
Our first visit to Rocky’s Charcoal Grill wasn’t great and I’m sad to report that our second one, three years later, wasn’t that wonderful either. This time we ordered some of the complete burgers (the Goldenburger, which with sauteed mushrooms in a sourdough bun – $6 – and the vanyburger with bacon, sauteed onions and BBQ sauce). Neither burger was very tasty. The mushrooms in the goldenburger were a bit bitter though mostly mild, but still gave the burger an unpleasant flavor and texture. They probably should have been sauteed longer, maybe with more salt.
The other burger was better, but still didn’t have much meat flavor and just lacked an all-around oomph.
We both liked the onion rings, however.
I doubt we’ll go back.

Original Review
I’m disappointed to say that I was not impressed by Rocky’s Charcoal’s Grill, the latest restaurant to take the space on West Estudillo and Haste, next to the San Leandro History Museum. The burgers we had there were OK, but pedestrian – and the chose your own condiments and toppings (sans tomatoes, which you have to ask for separately) was not a winner in my book. If I knew how to properly dress a burger, I’d make it myself 🙂 The patties themselves were on the dry side, and they had only a slight charcoal flavor, though they are cooked on a charcoal grill.
On the plus side, Rocky’s only uses fresh beef not treated with artificial hormones and given an all-vegetarian diet. I’d like to see more restaurants do that. The prices are quite affordable, with 1/3 lb burgers starting at $4.25.
I’m sad to not be able to give Rocky’s a good review. The people working there were very nice, and I do hope the business to succeed. I should also note, that other people have raved about the place, so I’d recommend you go and judge for yourself.
Rocky’s Charcoal’s Grill
300 West Estudillo Ave.
San Leandro, CA

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