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A’s Cafe – San Leandro – Breakfast Review

A’s Cafe opened where Blossom and several other Chinese restaurants used to be.  It’s still a Chinese restaurant for lunch (I think it’s closed for dinner), but they now serve American breakfast.  That’s what we went for a few weeks ago.  My family left satisfied, I was less than impressed.

Let’s be honest here, if what you want is plain breakfast food – plain pancakes, omelets or eggs, and hashbrowns, A’s Cafe won’t disappoint.  They do the basics well but that’s all they do, the basics.

If you want something more in your pancakes – some blueberries? chocolate chips? bananas? -, a crepe or some other fancy breakfast concoction, then A’s Cafe is not for you.

So it’s not the place for me.

We all had some combination of pancakes, eggs and breakfast meats. They were fine, not exciting. I had a hot chocolate, same thing.  I wouldn’t go back because if I go out for breakfast, I want something special, but I’m sure the rest of my family would.

A’s Cafe
14807 E 14th St
San Leandro, CA
(510) 816-1187

M-Su 6:30 AM – 3 PM

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Four Seasons Cafe & Deli – San Leandro – Review

Four Seasons Cafe & Deli is the latest incarnation of the cafe and sandwich bar that was once Mr. Bagel and, before that, Planet Coffee.  The cafe has been remodeled a little bit and the menu has been updated.  The Middle Eastern owners, for example, have replaced the Vietnamese sandwiches with me Middle Eastern equivalents.  You can order chicken, lamb, falafel or hummus plates for $8, lamb or chicken shawarmas, falafel, chicken or turkey wraps and traditional sandwiches for about $6.  Vegetarians will have plenty to chose from, including a Mediterranean veggie sandwich that comes with fresh mozarella, Kalamata olives, spinach, tomatoes, red pepper pesto and balsamic vinaigrette on toasted focaccia.  I haven’t had it, but it sure sounds good 🙂

What I did have was the lamb shawarma.  It was good without being extraordinary.  Pretty much what you would expect a lamb shawarma to be.  The portion was pretty large, in particular considering the $6 price.  I’d have it again.

Four Seasons also offers breakfast bagel and croissant sandwiches, fresh orange and carrot juice and your basic coffeeshop drinks.  I had their coffee once and it was pretty good, but I’m not demanding coffee wise.

The new menu seems to have quite a few fans, in my last visit, the place was busier than it used to be.  The service was good and the cafe still a great place to meet up with friends – as well as have a cheap lunch in San Leandro.

Four Seasons Cafe & Deli
1423 E. 14th St.
San Leandro, CA
Free local delivery with $20 order
M-Sa 6 am – 6 pm
Su 7 am – 5 pm

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Omelet House – Las Vegas – Review

Mika, my 9 yo, really wanted to go out for breakfast on our last day in Las Vegas.  I thought about doing the breakfast buffet at the MGM Grand, but the buffet gets terrible review in Yelp plus it’s quite expensive.  So I decided to stop at a run-of-the-mill family restaurant on our way out of Las Vegas.  As it turned out, after packing, putting the stuff in the car and finding a bank, it was 11:30 AM before we were ready for breakfast.  The Omelet House on West Charleston was the first restaurant that we came across so stopped there.

The Omelet House is yet another old-style all-American restaurant, with the type of ambiance and menu you can expect from that type of restaurant, albeit this one seemed a bit more crowded and run down than most.  It has great atmosphere, however.  They serve breakfast all day, the standard fare you can expect from this sort of restaurant.  I ordered the “stuffed french toast” ($8.40), which consisted of two slices of French toast with some blueberry compote between them. It came with two slices of bacon and two eggs.  The French Toast was pretty good, nothing out of this world but it was tasty enough.  The bacon was your average kind, again not particularly special, as were the eggs.  A satisfying meal, all in all, and one that kept me until we had dinner, well past 8 PM.

Both kids had pancakes with chocolate chips. Camila had a single one ($3.70) and Mika the “flap special” ($8.50) which consisted of two pancakes, two pieces of bacon and two eggs.  They both liked the very large pancakes. The chocolate chips came on the side, but they melted on the very hot pancakes.  The accompanying butter was salted, which I personally don’t like on sweet foods.

Mike didn’t get anything, thinking that the girls were going to leave a lot of food, but it turned out that the girls were hungrier than we thought.

In all, the Omelet House was a fine, though not particularly outstanding, choice for breakfast.  I’d go again, but would not seek it out.

Omelet House
2160 West Charleston
Las Vegas, NV
(702) 384-6868

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JD’s Restaurant & Pies – Castro Valley – Review Update

(This is an update from a 2003 review)

San Leandro still doesn’t have any good, affordable places to go for breakfast/brunch, so on the rare occasions when we treat ourselves to morning food we usually go to JD’s in Castro Valley.  Their food is good, though not great, but I know what I’m getting.

What I got during my last visit – what I always get – is the ricotta French Toast, covered with fresh strawberries and cream. This is an impressive dish and quite good, though I can’t help to feel it’s missing something. Sweetness perhaps? Macerated strawberries would be nicer, I think.  The crispy bacon it came with was very good.  This dish is “market price”, and I don’t know how much it was, probably in the neighborhood of $10.

Mike had the Cajun omelet with andouille sausage ($8.50).  He liked it, but wished the sausage had been chopped and mixed into the omelet.  The accompanying potatoes were pretty good.

In all, a solid though not spectacular meal. We’ll return, but wish there were better options nearby.

JD’s Restaurant
2837 Castro Valley Blvd.
Castro Valley , CA



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