Big Buy Bacon @ Grocery Outlet – Review

Got it today at Grocery Outlet. It’s probably the worst food item I have ever bought. It’s COMPLETELY inedible, you cannot bite through it, you cannot chew it, you cannot digest it. I don’t even want to guess what it’s made from and what stuff it has in it.

Whoever makes it should be ashamed of the product, and Grocery Outlet should be ashamed to sell it.

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  1. jean

    you must’ve not had a good package as I will drive 50 miles for the stuff and buy 20 lbs and freeze it, It is the best bacon ever. this is how bacon should be….thick and flavorful.
    This is how bacon was in the 40’s- 60’s…THE BEST

  2. Mike

    Flavor? There is no flavor!! This is one of the worst bacon I have ever had. Besides no flavor. The slices vary from very thin to thick. Jard to chew and even if you go through the packages to find the best looking. It shrinks up to almost nothing. Maybe be cheap but this is why. Won’t it buy it again!!!!!

  3. David

    bought some on trip to Montana. It is the best i’ve tasted from the Carolinas to the west coast. Wish i could buy it here in Texas

  4. Paul

    Best bacon by far, great smoke flavor, slice variation is a plus since wife likes thick & me thin.

  5. Jessie

    Worst bacon ever! I just bought a pound of bacon fat. Once this product was cooked it amounted to almost nothing in the pan. I would never buy this product.

    • Patricia J Hanson

      Bought 2 pig, all fat! Worst I’ve ever see ! NEVER AGAIN!

  6. kenodi

    BIGGEST WASTE OF MONEY EVER!!! Obviously they have no food inspectors in the United States, nor standards for bacon. We bought 2 lbs of pure fat called “bacon” , and we ended up with 1/3 lb of edible product out of 2 lbs. Every store should refuse to sell that product. We will never never buy it again as it is garbage!!!

  7. Barry

    This bacon is either cut too thick or too thin, smoke favor is inconsistent, sometimes too fatty or too meaty. It is the best bacon on the market and my wife and I buy 15-20 lbs at a time and we travel additional mile to get to the only market that sells it. Please do not buy this product. More for us who have discovered its value.

  8. Shannon Ford

    This is the best smoked bacon ever. I am an avid bacon user. Yes there is a little extra fat but it fries up beautifully. I buy it by the case. Hands down the best tasting and smoke. My family and my guests inquire about what brand and where do I get it?

  9. Christina

    At one time the big buy bacon was decent in amount of meat on the bacon and flavor. However they have changed the flavor sometime ago. Today my husband opened a package of bacon that was darned near all fat-barely any meat to go with all the fat.

  10. marie natelborg

    where can I buy big buy bacon

    • Jay

      This bacon is all fat. Horrible

  11. Glen

    I LOVE BIG BUY BACON. No other bacon comes close to its flavor !!

  12. Rick

    Great taste like bacon was years ago! I’m a fan

  13. Alley

    It really is the best bacon by far…and the price reflects that there is a little more fat, but boy is that good also! Just pour the liquid fat in a can and forget it. My son buys it by the case to freeze when he gets home as he can’t get it where he lives….we’re trying to get his local market to carry it….

  14. Carla White

    Best bacon ever!

  15. Marsha Boyer

    How can I order the Big Buy Hardwood bacon . Our store stopped selling it

    • admin

      No idea 🙁

  16. Sandy Agee

    I have mixed feelings bout this bacon. It does have a good flavor, but the slices were soooooo thin. and the bacon just shriveled up like plastic warming. This is the kind of bacon my father says runs away from you. When I first started buying it, it was all good. Now that I am hooked they have changed the product on me. I have to cook a whole pack to feed 3 people.

  17. Rita Brady

    I am looking for the MAIN company of BIG BUY BACON. I live in California, I have had no issues with the quality of the product or the flavor. I have bought it many times and kept it frozen. Due to the low price I feel I am getting the better end of this deal. BUT !@!! The last time I bought one package, when I got to eating the last 3 strips of bacon, in ONE strip alone I found 2 small screws. YOU HEARD ME they looked like the type of screws that are in Eye wear glasses.. very tiny. :Lucky for me I did not bite down real hard when eating the strip or I would probably have swallowed them.. Crazy stuff. I have been searching online for the company that packages this brand and have had no luck, I kept the screws and will go back to the store so they can speak to whomever they buy it from. I hope to at least get compensated for the cost.

    • Sandy

      We just found a washer in our bacon as well! Have you been able to find the company’s contact info?

      • marga

        Yikes! And I don’t think so.

        • Amber

          Need info for Company or at least email information or phone number

    • Patricia J Hanson

      I think WRL Foods, Salt Lake city

  18. Kimberly Stalder

    I have brought big buy bacon for 15 year and now I will not be purchasing this bacon any longer. I can not believe it has all been nothing but fat. Sorry to see such a good product go to an undesirable food.

  19. Minorkle

    I love Big Buy bacon

  20. Dennis

    Big Buy Bacon. Lets get started. Bought 20 packages of this stuff couple weeks ago. Was on sale so thought, OK, lets try it. Big mistake!! first off, had a heck of a time even opening the package. Got it open to find the bacon slices were cut very unevenly. The ends were a good 3/8 inch thick. Not much meat, lots of fat, and yes, I love the fat too. However, this stuff was beyond what I would call bacon. I thought it disgraceful seeing the word “Bacon” on those packages. It was sliced in a way that made it look as though the machine, or person, slicing it was blind, had no regard for good slicing. It was packaged as if the “bacon” was simply tossed into the packaging as it was twisted around and the ends were folded under. A few slices did have a decent amount of meat, but, the rest, did not. to put it bluntly, Big Buy Bacon is a sham as to what bacon should be. I LOVE bacon, big time. However, even if it is the cheapest in the store, I refuse to EVER buy Big Buy Bacon ever again unless they get there heads out of where ever there at and do the bacon justice as it should be done. Not some haphazard attempt to sell some cheap crap. It “used” to be good bacon long time ago but now, no. Be warned for those wishing to try this bacon. Don’t!!

  21. Marie Neuhaus

    Bait and switch bacon – put two meaty slices where they will show through the window and then fill the package with 50 – 60% fatty slices. What a rip-off!

  22. Sherry

    Shane on you WRL for purposely packaging 2 good slices of bacon with the remainder of NOTHING BUT FAT. I will never buy your brand again

  23. Linda Wright

    This is the first time I’ve bought Big Buy bacon. I wish I had found these reviews first. It is exactly as Marie says except mine was 80% fat – not a hint of any meat. The package looked good but only the outer 2 slices had meat. It is a product of WRL Foods, Salt Lake City, UT 84115 which is a privately-held company. If I find their number I’ll post it here.

  24. D. Sohn

    I fairly regularly buy BIG BUY bacon in the 48oz. ends & pieces plastic wrapped bulk pack. I do not like their product that has the cracked pepper corns, but have enjoyed the regular product for several years. Although it does have irregular sized pieces and some very thick chunks, the flavor has usually been quite good with a slightly smoky overtone. I divide the package into smaller baggies that make individual servings. The bulk fat, I render down and put in a fat storage can that I can use when stir frying or cooking hash brown potatoes etc. At a cost of around two dollars per pound, I find it to be a fair value.

  25. Lyle E Burrup

    I bought 2 Cases of what you called bacon.This was purchased at Ridley’s in Pocatello Idaho for their Case lot sale. This is absolutely the worst bacon I’ve ever tried and I say tried to eat. Is freezer burnt or something it stinks when you cook it . So what am I supposed to do with two cases of bacon if I spent $32 on? This is absolutely the worst,

  26. David

    Not what I would buy again. I would say 90% fat not much on taste. I will be letting my store know about this. LOL I now see why it was the only bacon left with the Corona Virus going on.

  27. Mark Kneir

    Worse bacon I have ever purchased. The bottom 2 slices looked great. The rest looked like the had cut it with a dull hack saw. Doesn’t matter how cheap it is, I’ll never buy it again.

  28. R Ansell

    I bought two packs yesterday because it was a bargain sale $2.78 for a pound. I just cooked it with some eggs and they were thick slices full of meat. Outstanding bacon. I have bought a few packs in the past where that was thin and stringy. I have no complaints. Make sure you view the bacon in the windows in the back of the package before you buy

  29. Darlene Taunt

    I have purchased your Big Buy Bacon for years and although not perfect, I love the flavor. A couple weeks ago I bought 3 packages and they are almost all fat, grrrrrrrrrrr. I want my money back; your product is really slipping.

  30. reno metzler. 29420 47th ave E, Graham,Wa. 98338

    Terrible.the whole bacon package was almost all fat.I want my $ back.

  31. Theresa Rau

    I wish I could post the picture I took of a large pile of fat from a pound of bacon I purchased from this company. I just read the many complaints from others, yet no response from the company. This is my first complaint to a company, if i lived closer to Salt lake city i would be taking this bacon b.s. to “The Family”.

  32. Cindy

    The WORST bacon I’ve ever bought in my life. They should be ashamed to sell this garbage. It was packaged and cut in such a way that it looked like there was some meat but it’s literally 95% fat. What a sham this product from WRL foods in Salt Lake City isn’t even worth the package it came in.

  33. Ben

    I dont know how they can even sell the big buy as bacon its all fat. Tried it time after time hoping it changed but same.

  34. Susan

    Awful. I rather eat worms. No other words
    Company should be ashamed!!!

  35. KC

    U are so right!

  36. Joshua G.

    Also bought a package of this bacon because it was on sale for 3.99. Package is hard to open, and they align the bacon in a way that it looks like it is good. But upon opening you are granted with a 95% fat and 5 % meat. After pulling the meat off of all the chunky greasy fat. I was left with maybe enough for one BLT. Also, the bacon is low-grade. It was chewy even though I cooked it on high heat and drained until dry. STAY AWAY FROM THIS BRAND! Big ol’ scam.

  37. Mel farrell

    I’m going to use this so called “bacon” for cat fish bait. Not fit for human consumption! Never again will I buy this product. YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED

  38. Jane

    The worst bacon ever. A pound of bacon and it got a small plate of edible bacon. It was all fat! And had little taste.

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