Meal Kit Review: Gobble’s Albacore Tuna with Pearl Couscous, Chermoula Vinaigrette

Rating: 7.5/10

I will admit that my review of this meal kit for Albacore Tuna with Pearl Couscous, Chermoula Vinaigrette is, of necessity, incomplete.  I made the tuna but didn’t make the couscous.  I was tired that night, we weren’t that hungry and I figured I’d make the couscous for my vegan daughter later.  Alas, I never did, and I ended up using up the peppers in a different recipe.

The tuna itself was very good.  The recipe required that it be sprinkled with tuna and paprika and then marinated and cooked in the pre-made chermoula vinaigrette.  The vinaigrette reminded me of chimichurri and it was delicious.

I did have some issues with cooking the tuna, however.  First, the recipe required broiling.  I have one of those ovens with a broiler underneath, and I haven’t cleaned it in a while, so I wasn’t up for using it.  I had to look up an alternative way to cook the tuna.  More problematically is that the two tuna steaks that came in my kit were very different in thickness – one was twice as thick as the other.  That meant that I couldn’t cook them at the same time as otherwise one would be very overcooked (and as it turned out, it was).

Still, both my husband and I enjoyed the tuna and I’ll be looking to re-create this dish with my own ingredients at a future time.

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