Rotisseried chicken

I have often written about how rotisseried chicken is one of my favorite meals, none the least of it because it’s so easy to make and yet so good. So we have it for dinner probably once every two weeks or so. I used to make my own spice rub, but now I just buy a pre-mixed Cajun rub for greater ease. Last time I made it (Sunday) I used a Safeway organic chicken. At about $2.60 a lb this was almost twice as expensive as their Foster Farms, but organic food is expensive. Mike found it to be particularly juicy, which I’m not sure was a good thing – I didn’t think it tasted particularly better than regular chicken. Still, when we can afford it I’ll probably buy it.

We served it with snow peas that Mike had bought at the farmer’s market, I steamed them, he ate a whole bunch of them.


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  1. Safeway Organic Chicken? Something about that doesn’t sound right. I don’t shop at Safeway, so I don’t know. Do you know where they get them?
    I shop at Raley’s and they stopped carrying the Rosie Organic chicken and went to something called Coastal Range. I ain’t never heard of them either. The difference is amazing though. The coastal range birds look as though they’ve been frozen hard, thawed, beaten up and tons of weird fat in all the wrong places. Whereas the Rosie brand (Petaluma Ranchers I believe, same people who do the Rocky series) is a work of art. I flat out refuse Raley’s brand of organic chicken. I’m sure they changed cause their profit margin wasn’t enough. Pinheads.
    I’m lucked out. My local butcher here in El Cerrito has Martinelli natural chickens, can’t remember the price, but I can still get a whole chicken for 8 bucks or less. I think the Rosie brand was costing me about 13 bux a bird. The natural bird is an excellent product. Good skin, fat placement, no bruises and consistency. Toss the sucker in to a 450 degree oven for an hour and it’s delish! MmmMm, chicken.

  2. Hey, you didn’t truss yer bird!

  3. Aliene

    Coastal range is better than regular processed chicken,
    however, they are on the tasteless side. Another thing,
    when baked (done) they are bloody at the bones and
    leave a red look on the meat nearby. Made me so sick
    I can’t look at another one for a while until I get the image
    out of my mind. Red Bird has the same problem. Now,
    I’m known for over cooking everything, so I know the bird
    is done, but don’t like the looks of the bright red on the
    joint bones and transferred to the meat.

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