New Hong Kong Restaurant

We’ve been eagerly awaiting the opening of the New Hong Kong Restaurant for several weeks. Though San Leandro does not need any more Chinese restaurants, this one is located only 3 or 4 blocks from our house. The more restaurants we have close by, the better for us.
My friend Jenny called me up last night suggesting dinner. She was left alone with her two kids while her husband worked, and Mike was still in a business trip so I was left alone with Mika. I figured that as a Chinese restaurant the place would be quite child friendly and we should give it a try.
All in all it worked quite well. The kids were loud and annoying, but the other parties eating there didn’t seem to mind too much (I apologized to them, of course). The place wasn’t very busy, but with only 3 people working there, service was quite slow and rushed. It took forever for us to get our bill – at a time when the kids were jumping around by the front door. And we never got the rice we ordered, but these are all things you have to expect from a restaurant that has only been opened 5 days.
The food was traditional Chinese-restaurant stuff and quite good and cheap (entrees averaged $7). We ordered a pork bun appetizer (~$1.50 for two buns), and the steamed, crustless buns were very good. They had a nice ammount of delicious pork and I’d certainly order it again.
The chow main was made with regular noodles (not the very thin type some restaurants serve) but I really liked the flavor. It was heavier on the noodles than on the bean sprouts and other veggies, which I prefer of couse.
The cashew chicken was good, but the dish was overwhelmed by the small, cubed water chestnuts. You actually had to hunt for the chicken amidst all of them. Unfortunatelly, Mika didn’t like them – but she loved the cubed zucchini and scarse carrots that came with it.
The good health chicken and veggie platter seemed too oily to be good health, but it was good. The kids all loved the veggies, though some more broccoli would have been better. As it was they all had to share one last crown.
I’ll write a full review of the restaurant next time I go there, but I figured this one would work for now.
New Hong Kong Restaurant
1750 E. 14th St.
San Leandro, CA

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