Revolt at Boulevard Burger?

Today I received a phone call from my friend Mauro complaining about the terrible dining experience he had at Boulevard Burger last night. He went there for dinner with his family and children and had to deal with bad service, mixed orders and food that just didn’t make it to the table. Apparently, it took 45 minutes for some of the burgers and an order of fries to come to the table – his own burger and the remaining orders of fries never arrived. Other people were having the same problems and the waitresses seemed to be lost as to which order belonged to which table.
He, of course, complained both to the cook and the servers, who basically had an attitude of “deal with it”. There were no apologies whatsoever.
Boulevard Burger is very much of a neighborhood joint, and it really cannot afford to antagonize its patrons like that. My experiences there have been good, but I have heard complaints about service from other people as well. I’m still willing to go back there, I do like their burgers, but I’m a bit weary bout it now.
Boulevard Burger
1027 MacArthur Boulevard
San Leandro, CA 94577
(510) 632-3100
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