Restaurant Updates

Mike has finally returned a whole batch of restaurant reviews (19!) which I’ve written over the last few months. They are:

  • Aslam’s Rasoi an Indian restaurant in the Mission focuses on fresh ingredients but needs more confidence with its curries.
  • Buon Appetito in Hayward offers pretty good Italian food at reasonable prices (imagine that!). Definitely a “must try” place.
  • Chef’s Experience China Bistro in Hayward serves standard Chinese food is served with a flair in stylish surroundings.
  • Chez Panisse, the venerated Berkeley institution met our expectations for a good yet uninspired meal with fresh produce bursting with flavor.
  • Dick’s Restaurant and Lounge is a classic independent coffeeshop serving coffeeshop fare in San Leandro.
  • Dolci Amore delivers mediocre food at sky-high prices in Castro Valley. One wonders how it can stay open.
  • The English Rose Tea Room in Pleasanton is feminine and frilly but just can’t brew a good cup of tea.
  • Filippos, a mediocre Italian restaurant with a mediocre brunch in Berkeley.
  • The Fish Hopper in Monterey offers an incredible view of the sea (otters!) and some damn good fish & chips.
  • Manresa. According to Restaurant magazine it was one of the 50 best restaurants in the world in 2004 (but not 2005). We were disappointed by less than imaginative food and terrible service.
  • New Hong Kong Restaurant An updated review of our choice for Chinese delivery
  • Priya Indian Cuisine on University in Berkeley has beautiful menus, but not much more to distinguish it.
  • Red Kwali a Malay restaurant in Newark, tries hard but fails both in food and ambiance.
  • Super Burgers is a burger & sandwich joint in Washington Manor serving truly yucky burgers. Best to avoid.
  • Sushi Musashi in San Leandro offers mediocre Japanese food in less than stellar surroundings.
  • Taste of India is the one Indian – or for that matter, ethnic – restaurant on I-5 between the Bay Area and LA. It’s OK but expensive.
  • Thai Satay is the only Thai restaurant in San Leandro and, unfortunately, pretty inconsistent.
  • An update to my review of Vo’s Restaurant, a wonderful Vietnamese Bistro in San Leandro
  • Zocalo – I’ve written a review of my favorite coffeehouse.

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