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Summary: Our choice for Chinese food in San Leandro

I'll be the first to agree that San Leandro has too many Chinese restaurants. There are seven restaurants (plus Safeway) serving Chinese food within a few blocks of my home alone. And yet I eagerly awaited the opening of New Hong Kong Restaurant last summer and it has since become our Chinese restaurant of choice.

It's not that New Hong Kong is particularly special. It offers stereotypical Chinese-American cuisine in a rectangular room completely devoid of any character whatsoever. The food is good, for what it is, but nothing out of the ordinary. Still, we like the fact that it's only 3 or 4 blocks from our house and that, on top of that, they deliver. The restaurant itself is often empty (their business seems to be mostly carry out and delivery), so that if we choose to eat there with our kids they can be noisy and move and even dance around without disturbing anyone.

Portions are large, on par with those at most Chinese restaurants, and most of the food is quite tasty. I like their steamed pork buns; they always taste fresh and the barbecue pork is not too fatty. The fried wontons are crisp and not greasy, but they don't seem to have any fillings. My friend Desiree loves their sweet and sour soup.

I particularly enjoy the orange chicken (which is a tiny bit spicy and not very sweet), the lemon chicken (served in strips with a sauce which also is not overwhelmingly sweet) and the chow mein, which has thick noodles and bean sprouts but not too many other vegetables. The chicken with cashew nuts is fine, but too heavy on the diced water chestnuts - there is barely any chicken amidst them all. It also suffers from having the nuts added right before serving, which means you must mix them up yourself. The good health chicken and veggie platter is too oily to be good health and needs more broccoli, but kids like it. Their curry beef has too many vegetables, but is otherwise good. Entrees average $7.

Service is friendly and efficient, and take-out and delivery are both quite fast.

New Hong Kong Restaurant.
1750 E. 14th St.
San Leandro, CA