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Summary: Small diner serving truly horrible burgers, it's best to avoid.

Super Burgers is located right in front of the parking lot for Porky's Pizza so we've driven by it numerous times. It wasn't until a couple of weeks ago (January 2006), however, that we gave it a try. I had a hankering for burgers and, with the goal of providing the most complete coverage of the San Leandro restaurant scene, I wanted to try some place new. I wasn't terribly hopeful about Super Burgers, but it still managed to disappoint. Their burgers weren't as bad as the ghastly patties at The Cherry Pit, but they left me nauseated all the same.

Both Mike and I had their double cheeseburger ($4). It was oozing with mustard and cheap American cheese and had a flat, gritty patty - yuck! I couldn't finish my burger (yep, I should have ordered a smaller one - but the problem was with the taste, not the size). The fries ($1.40 small) and onion rings ($1.70 small) that we ordered with them weren't much better. Both went from the freezer to the deep frier, and had that stale taste of previously frozen food. In the case of the onion rings this also meant that the onion disintegrated on impact with the oil and thus all you could feel and taste was the breading. Once again, yuck.

Super Burgers also serves other sandwiches as well as chicken and shrimp - pretty much anything that can be deep fried. I can't imagine they are any better.

The small diner offers a take out window, plenty of parking and well as a small, very basic dining room attached to the kitchen. But it's the type of place you go for take-out.

In all, I'd say Super Burgers is a place to avoid. I'm sad to say that, Super Burgers, like many other similar small restaurants and diners in the area, seems to be operated by immigrants trying to make their American dream. Though it's just as sad that their dream is based on cheap frozen food they can deep fry. I can't but think that San Leandro would be better served if instead of buying out traditional diners, these new immigrants operated restaurant serving their own regional cuisines.

Super Burgers
14988 Farnsworth St.
San Leandro, CA