Viva Mexico Restaurant

Viva Mexico is one of the very, very many taquerias that dot the San Leandro landscape. This one is located in the “Fashion Fair Shopping Center”, the little outdoor mall by Bayfair Mall where Ross, Michael’s and Pier 1 are located. We went there for dinner one night last December before going to see a movie nearby.
Unfortunately all this time after our dinner I don’t have a clear picture of everything we had. Under such a circumstance it might be better perhaps to not write a review at all – but we’re quite unlikely to go back there so it’s now or never. Plus I figure that as long as I’m honest, you, the reader, can give my recollections the weight you think they are worth.
In any case, I’m afraid to say that I cannot remember what we had for dinner that night. My educated guess is that I had a carne asada burrito and that Mike had a carnitas burrito, as this is what we usually order when we go to a taqueria. I don’t remember eating it, but I do remember discussing that the food wasn’t that great, certainly not as good as that of our favorite taquerias. I also recall liking the chips and the fiery roasted pepper salsa, while Mike being less parcial to it.
I did like the restaurant itself. It’s a small operation and the owner, behind the counter, was very hospitable. A couple of diners at another table were saying (in Spanish) how this was the best Mexican food around. Still, Mike and I left thinking we wouldn’t be coming back.
Viva Mexico
Fashion Fair Shopping Center
15100 Hesperian Blvd.
San Leandro, CA

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