I’m cleaning up my spice rack, throwing away old spices. There are some I’ve had since I got married, over a decade ago. Granted, I’ve seldom if ever used them since (like fennel seeds, what do I need fennel seeds for?) but I figure if I do need them again, I can buy them anew. The list below are the spices I have – most in good quantities. This way next time I come across a recipe that calls for something I can check it against this list rather than having to go through the whole rack.
Black peppercorns
White peppercorns
Powdered Cayenne pepper
Piment d’espelette
Ground chili de arbol
Sweet paprika
Chili powder
Herbs d’provence
Ground sweet basil
Saffron threads
Bay leaves
Ground allspice
Ground cumin
Mustard seeds
Curry powder
Mustard powder
Ground ginger
Cinnamon sticks
Ground cinnamon
Ground cloves
Nutmeg pods
These are spices I probably should buy to replace the ones I threw away. Any other suggestions:
-Red pepper flakes
-Ground black pepper (for when I don’t have time to grind enough)
-Allspice berries
-Regular paprika
-Hot paprika
-Garlic powder

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