Lola and I had a get away weekend to the Tomales Bay and stopped by Priscilla’s in Inverness for lunch. Yes, we would have preferred to go to Manka’s, but that wasn’t in the cards.
Priscilla’s is a small, quaint, small-town cafe serving gourmet pizza and sandwiches. They make their own bread and bake it just before assembling the food (we could see the process from the window). You order the food at the counter and a waitress will bring it to your table. Service was quite prompt and everyone was very friendly.
Lola (who apparently was not filled by the 23 oysters she had just had) ordered the clam chowder. She thought it was a bit bland. It was fresh and homemade tasting, though not particularly clammy. She’d eat it again though she’d probably chose something else if she had the choice.
I had their roasted tri-tip sandwich and was also disappointed. The bread was very nice, warm and fluffy, and the meat was probably good as well, but the flavor of the mustard was so intense that I couldn’t taste anything else. I’d definitely would skip it.
That’s too bad, as Priscilla’s was a very cute place to stop for a bite – I might still go again, but try the pizza or pasta instead.
12781 Sir Francis Drake Blvd.,
Inverness, CA
(415) 669-1244

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