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I just got a message from a website visitor who seems to have liked Gonzales y Gonzales, a Cal-Mex restaurant we visited in NYC, where we had terrible service. He says:

“I am not sure how long ago you went to this restaurant but you may want to give it another try. I recently moved to Pa from Ca and could not believe we could not find Mexican food that came close to the food in Ca. Then I found Gonzales y Gonzales…the food is so good. I even took friends from Ca who were visiting NYC and they too loved it. The food is fresh and the service has always been good. Maybe they read your review and decided to change.
Try it again…you may be surprised.”

Alas, not everyone seems to agree as to the merits of this restaurant. Here is another message about Gonzales y Gonzales I got on June 2005:

“Two weeks ago my boyfriend and I went out to have a few dinks and appetizers
at Gonzales y Gonzales. It was a friday evening after hard days work. We
were having a good time. Tiping very well and ordering for a good two
I went to the ladies room because I started to feel a bit nauceous. I into
the ladies room where then I vomitted all I had to eat. I disgustingly
wiped the bowl feeling embarrassed of the mess I just felt I made. The bowl
was cleaned off proceded to get napkins from the bathroom attendant. She
refused to hand me more napkins unless I gave her a dollar for each napkin
used. I was so upset. I did not understand this rule of hers to charge
for napkins.
I went to the upstairs to speak with the manager. I first went directly to
the first bartender he ask what happend and just ignore my request to speak
to a manager. I then went to My boyfriend asking me what was taking so
long. I told what happened. We then spoke to the bartender that served us
all night. He got the manager for us. The manager then came. I explained
how ridiculous to be charged for napkins in the ladies room. He then rudely
gave me a pack of napkins and placed it on the bar. I was so angry!!! I
told him why would I be charged for a napkin to wipe off the vomit off my
shoe. I needed extra napkins and I am being charged.
An apology but rudely and no compensation for the horrible moment I had to
experience. The evening was ruined and the good time I was having was
completely ruined by this restaurant. The bathroom attendant disappered.
I know why because this restaurant hire illegall immigrant and these people
are trying to make money how ever they can.”

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