Alfajores are Argentina’s unofficial national treat. An alfajor is basically a soft cookie with a sweet filling. The cookie is usually cakey, though in some versions it’s phillo-like, and while traditional alfajores were filled with jam (quince jam is particularly popular), the most delicious Argentine alfajores have a dulce de leche filling. Some alfajores are covered, most typically with a powdered sugar or a dark chocolate bath, though many of the alfajores from the Northwest as well as many of new “alfajores artesanales” (i.e. the non-mass produced kind) are plain.
Several of the northern Argentine provinces have their own type of alfajores, and as during our trip to Salta, Jujuy, Tucum


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  1. stef says:

    hi, marga, i just discovered your website and blog. i’m filipina and we have our version of alfajor — which we call “alpahor”. would love to trade notes with you. if i understand correctly, you’re originally from argentina but currently live in the US? thanks!

  2. M.D. Taracido says:

    Does anyone know where one can buy the Havanna Alfajores in the NYC metro area???

  3. mary says:

    Does anyone have a recipe for the alfajore havanna or the alfajor de chocolate nieve?

  4. Marga says:

    I can’t imagine you’ll find a recipe. They are not “artisanal” alfajores, but industrially made ones, so you’d probably need their own processes and machines to make them.

  5. Sebastien says:

    Oh! Alfajores from Argentina are great!

  6. myriam says:

    I live in Philadelphia, where can I find alfajores, the ones from Mar del Plata are the best I’ve tasted. Well, from what I remember (it’s been over 20 years that I’ve been in Argentina)

  7. Jeanne says:

    Marga, I fell in love with Havannas as well, but it was the lemon cream filled vanilla cookie, Galletita that won my heart.
    I wish I had known about the problems with American Airlines before I ran into the same problem with them. We got to the airport 3 hours early and had just 5 min to spare by the time we got to the gate! I did have a chance to look at the offerings at the airport shops (only after you clear the many hurdles thrown at you and clear check-in, customs, immigration, and security!) The alfajores were available as was a chocolate covered version of the lemon cookie, but alas, I had to leave Argentina without my beloved galletitas. I was hoping to find a source where I could buy them on line when I found your delightful posting.
    Let it be known that all that you reported was very accurate, especially about American Airlines!

  8. Rodrigo Rojas says:

    hi just a simple question: what would be the best brand of alfajores after Havanna?

  9. Marga says:

    Ah, if I only knew. I didn’t keep tabs while I was in my big alfajor hunt. As I said above, I really liked the La Quinta alfajores from Cordoba.
    The brand that I like best that I can get sometimes at my local Latin market is Balcarce. They have been the traditional competition of Havannas, and there are people who like them more.

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