Giant Hoagies & Burgers

Yesterday for lunch we were in the mood for Dim Sum, but the parking lot at Oriental Tea House, where we wanted to go, was soooo full that we didn’t dare try to get a table. Instead we decided to drive on MacArthur Ave. and try whatever we found. That turned out to be a shack called “Giant” that offers burgers, hoagies, sandwiches and shakes.
I went for the chicken hoagie (~$4.50) and Mike decided on the hot links hoagie (~$4.50 too). We both got cokes which were overpriced at $1.20 for a 16 oz fountain one.
The hoagies were OK, I didn’t like the taste of the chicken in mine (it tasted like canned, though not quite) but its taste was overwhelmed by the sauce, cheese, onions and tomatoes. In all, it was tasty enough though too rich to eat it all. Mike was disappointed that his hoagie, which was supposed to have cheese, onions and mushrooms, came instead with lettuce tomato and onion (no cheese or mushrooms). He did like the links, though, which were nice and spicy.
Giant is just a shack with a take out window overlooking the parking lot. They have a small counter inside with bar stools if you want to eat there, however.
They didn’t have a take out menu and I can’t tell you exactly where it is – it’s not even clear to me in which city it is, as it’s located in the 1/2 block between the “Welcome to Oakland” and “Welcome to San Leandro” signs. I can say that it’s on northeast side of MacArthur, northwest of Oriental Tea House, on the same side of the block.

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