Pot au Feu

Last night we went to our friend Regina’s house for dinner. I had gotten her the Les Halles cookbook for Christmas and she made a meal out of that. The main dish was “pot au feu”. She had been hesitant to make it as the concept (boiling meats and vegetables together) just didn’t sound good. But many people have told her how much they loved the dish so we figured there might be something to it and it was worth trying.
It turned out to be pretty much what we expected, boiled meat and vegetables in a thin broth. It reminded me very much of Argentine puchero, which is pretty much the same thing with a less sophisticated name. The meat was very tender (of course) but pretty insipid, though it was helped by mustard. Iggy liked it, though, probably because he grew up eating boiled foods so there was a comfort element on that. And indeed, my mom used to make puchero for my sister quite often, so she, at least, likes it. The rest of us will skip it next time.
Lola also made some pot-au-creme for dessert and I thought these were really yummy, though they didn’t seem to like them as much. To each their own.

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