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I’m finished with the “Cs”!

It’s taken many, many years, but I’m finally finished cooking all “C” cuisines, all 38 of them.  I’m now on to the “Ds,” which fortunately for me consist of only seven cuisines (and I’m almost done with two of them).  I hope that by the end of the year I’ll be able to finish the “E” cuisines as well (there are seven of them as well).  We’ll see if the muse stays with me.

Of the last cuisines I cooked, I was particularly fond of the Canadian dishes I made and was comforted by the Castilian ones. I discovered one amazing Cayman dish and had fun making the sole Chechen dish I attempted.

Tortuga Rum Cake

tortuga.jpg I love Grocery Outlet, you never know what you’ll find there. Today I found, of all things, Tortuga Caribbean Rum Cakes. I had never heard of it until a few weeks ago when I started researching my upcoming Cayman menu. Apparently, these cakes are a very famous Cayman product, known throughout the Caribbean. I was planning on making a rum cake myself (from this recipe), but I’m thrilled at finding the real thing. And at Grocery Outlet, no less!

Of course, the price is also unbeatable – $1.50 for the 4oz cake. Not cheap in the abstract, but Amazon sells the 16-Ounce cake for over $13, twice the per-ounce price. The cake gets great reviews at Amazon and other places. I’m not sure if I’ll save it for when I serve my Cayman menu or whether I should just eat it and buy more if I like it.