Gobble Meal Kits Review: Classic Beef Bourguignon with Mashed Potatoes

It’s been a year since I last tried Gobble and I’m happy to report that it’s as good as ever – at least judged by the first meal I “cooked” since I renewed my subscription. As in the past, Gobble offers meal kits which are very fast to cook and put together because they rely on a lot of pre-cooked ingredients. But as you do cook the final product, you feel you’ve made the dish yourself – plus you get to enjoy the greater quality of ingredients that just don’t stand up well to reheating.

I’m a huge fan of beef bourguignon and I was very impressed with this recipe. It requited me to slice a few mushrooms, onions and baby carrots, saute them, and then mix them with an already made red wine sauce, beef broth and pre-cooked stewed beef. All simmered nicely for 6 minutes, while I reheated the pre-made and pre-seasoned mashed potatoes. The meat was tender and succulent, the sauce was nicely flavored and went well with the mashed potatoes and the freshly sauteed veggies were tasty. Basically, it was almost as good as homemade.

I look forward to the next Gobble meal. Currently, they cost $24 per 2-serving meal, plus $7 shipping.

This post contains a referral link, but Gobble has suspended its referral program.

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