La Hacienda – Albuquerque, NM – Restaurant Review

We were walking around the old part of town in Albuquerque last August, tired and hungry, and not quite sure as to where to go for dinner.   For a number of reasons, I wasn’t too happy to go to La Hacienda, but it was there and they had seating so there we went.  While I wasn’t predisposed to like it,  our waiter won me over with great service and a free sopapilla dessert, which was very, very, very good.

The rest of the food was standard quality for Tex-Mex places.  The chips and salsa reminded me of Chevy’s (which is a good thing).  The chips were light and thin and the salsa held its own.  I had a guacamole salad, and while there was a bit too much lettuce, it was pretty good, if simple (what i wanted).  My daughter enjoyed her taquitos and my husband’s Indian tacos turned out to be regular tacos served in fried bread, instead of a tortilla.  They worked and he was pleased.

The place is very cute inside, with lots of light-colored wood and bright pictures, and the location in the plaza could only be better if they had more ample outside sitting.  But it was nice and cool inside.

The only thumbs down in the menu went for my daughter’s corndog, but she also didn’t like the fries, and we felt they were very good (but they had the slight flavor of potato skin, which might be what she disliked).

Prices for most Tex-Mex entrees are in the low teens, with some dinners in the high-teens.  Pretty much what I’d expect to pay for the food.

La Hacienda also goes by the name Casa de Fiesta.

La Hacienda
2004 S Plaza St NW
Albuquerque, NM 
(505) 248-0110

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