Updated 2016:

We returned to the Palm’s Buffet in 2016 and found the prices higher (or rather, fewer good deals) and the food more tired.

Last August, 2013, we stayed at the Palm’s Place in Vegas, and had the opportunity to eat at the Bistro Buffet thrice.  We hit it for brunch, lunch and dinner on three different days.   In all, I can give the Bistro Buffet thumbs up, though my experience was as uneven as the actual price of the buffet.

The Bistro Buffet looks deceptively small, but it must have close to a hundred offerings.  In addition to basic American food, they have some ethnic offerings.  They also offer some ethnic specialties, mainly Mexican and Asian.

Indeed, my favorite dish was the kalbi short ribs available in the Hawaiian section.  The Thai curries were also very good.  Another plus goes to the Delmonico potatoes in a blue-cheese sauce.  These were worthy of their namesake restaurant.   How good the carved meats were depended on how long they’d been sitting.  The tri-tip, marinated in a chimichurri style sauce, was delicious.

The desserts were less impressive than they could be, but the warm, moist and perfect bread pudding was always a winner. Don’t bother with the overly sweet sauces, however.

The Sunday brunch includes a variety of seafood.  My daughter was less than impressed by the crab legs, but other people seemed to be enjoying them.

Service was always good.  I particularly enjoyed all the free champagne with the Sunday brunch, I was happy to have a nearby hotel room to sleep it off 🙂  Note, even though this buffet opens to the casino, the air was perfectly breathable and our meal felt relaxing.

The one somewhat frustrating part about this buffet was getting the best deal.  The regular price, if I’m not mistaken, is $8 for breakfast, $13 for dinner and $20 for dinner. With a player’s card, you get the meals for approximately $5/$8/$13.  However, you need a players’ card per discount.  Children’s prices are a couple of dollars lower than regular prices, which means that, given that children cannot have players’ cards, they are actually higher than for adults.  So, for example, I paid $8 for lunch, but had to pay $10 each for each of my daughters.   Now, $10 doesn’t seem like much for a buffet this big, but I have a child that eats a few grains of rice and considers herself done.

Sometimes travelzoo and restaurant.com also have deals that may make the price even lower. Restaurant.com deals work together with the players cards deals, when they have them.

Bistro Buffet
Palms Casino Resort
4321 W Flamingo Rd
Las Vegas, NV
(702) 942-7777

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