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I was searching for recipes from Djibouti when I came across the blog Global Travel Adventure.  The bloggers are cooking 195 meals from 195 countries in 195 weeks.  That’s very cool and similar to my International Food Project, through which I set out to cook every cuisine from the world.  Alas, that proved a much greater task that I envisioned (in part because I didn’t have kids when I started), and eleven years later I’m almost done with the “C”s (98 cuisines in all).

Part of my problem is that when I began I was committed to do a full menu for each cuisine: appetizer, main dish, side dishes and desserts.  That worked well for dinner parties, and I had quite a few the first couple of years, but once I had my children the words “dinner parties” disappeared from my vocabulary.  It’s been years since I’ve had one.  A few years ago I gave up on the idea of full menus and instead decided to do several main courses, that I could serve during several weeks.  I still kept the idea of doing desserts, which slowed down the process as dessert has never actually been part of our daily dinners.  So finally, I’m giving up on desserts.  I’m making a list of all the desserts that I should cook, and perhaps one day I’ll make them.

Another problem I’ve had is that, in general, I haven’t wanted to go on to the next cuisine until I was done writing up the preceding cuisine – but I don’t always feel like writing.  That meant that sometimes I’ve put off doing anything for this projects for months at a time, and then I’ve had to re-cook the dishes from the cuisine I failed to write up.

Every so often I tell myself that I will commit to this project again.  I’ve done so this week (thus my search for Djibutean recipes), but alas, I don’t expect to last that long at it 🙁

So, if you’re looking for recipes from around the world, I recommend you check out that blog.

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