Asian cooking classes at the San Leandro Adult School

I’m more than pleased to announce that the San Leandro Adult School will have four cooking classes for the fall semester. The classes will be on Indian Cooking (9/13), Malaysian Cooking (10/4), Thai Cooking (10/18) and South East Asian Cooking (11/8). They are all taught by Jenny Sim, a Chinese woman from Malaysia, who lived in Thailand for a long time. You may recall (or not), that I took two classes with her (on SE Asian and Malaysian cooking) last year. I enjoyed them a lot. And they have the advantage of being *only* $35 – which is /very/ cheap for a cooking class. The classes include all the food, BUT they don’t have a kitchen at the adult school – so the instructor has to bring an electric wok and a camp stove.
Anyway, I’m planning to take the four classes – every time you cook different dishes. If you want to take them, you can register online at

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