Memorial Day BBQ

Today was Memorial Day and I had a BBQ. I figured it’d be a good reason to clean the backyard – and indeed, we did, which makes me very happy. We even put up the new hammock I bought last year.
Our friends Desiree and her kids were over, as well as Parker, Donovan and their kids. A good group.
Desiree brought a salad and brownies for dessert. I made a potato salad, which everyone liked. I also barbecued some chicken thighs using the method outlined here. I didn’t make the BBQ sauce but used E&J barbecue sauce instead. I managed not to burn the chicken this time (OK, I only burnt it a little), and it tasted pretty good. I did have to adjust the time, as thighs cook quicker than a whole chicken.
The main dish, however, were blue cheese burgers. This time I used ground beef and also added bacon bits (fried bacon that had been crumbled) to the blue cheese and made the burgers with 1/2 lb of meat each. They were huge, but people did eat them. Mike thought they were “awesome”.
I had some corn to grill, but I completely forgot about it. Oh well.

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