A day of cooking failures

Today was not my day. I made both ribs and peanut butter ice cream, and both of them were a failure.
For the ribs, I used this recipe for Memphis Style Ribs, from the BBQ Bible, a book that has given me many a good recipe. However, either the instructions of how to cook the ribs were wrong, or I just didn’t know how to follow them, for I completely burnt them. They were pretty much inedible. I still have a rack of spareribs and I will have to find another method for cooking them.
The problem with the peanut butter ice cream was not the recipe, but me. I just overcooked the custard base, This created a heavy custard with almost (but not quite) a chalky consistency that would not aerate or freeze properly. The results weren’t bad per se – it tastes good – but it doesn’t quite have the consistency of ice cream. Still, I’m finishing it. I may try the recipe again sometime, though I’ll probably look for a simpler one.
Tomorrow is Memorial Day and I’m planning on cooking several things (burgers, chicken, potato salad). I’m a little apprehensive now. Wish me luck!

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