Blossom Chinese Restaurant

As I reported here a couple of weeks ago, Blossom is the last restaurant to occupy the space on East 14th previously taken by Good Food and Szechuan Restaurant. I will bet that it won’t be the last.
We ordered food from there Saturday, when I was too involved in the preparations for my birthday party that evening (which I’ll soon blog about), to attend to lunch. Kathy suggested it because they delivered, and I always want to try new places in town. Oh well.
Blossom offers your typical Chinese restaurant menu also at typical prices – generally $6-9 for entrees. The portions are large, though not as large as those of other restaurants, which is not necessarily a bad thing. My problem was with the food itself.
We found the fried wontons ($3.25) to be a bit limp – though that may be because they don’t travel well. In any case, I like them crispier.
The sweet & sour pork ($6) had a lot of breading, little pork and a syrupy sauce that just didn’t taste good. Nobody liked it. Mike and Kathy did like the Szechuan beef ($6.55), but I thought it was very one-dimensional, it was too spicy for the kids to try. None of us liked the orange flavored chicken ($6), full, scrawny chicken wings with a thick, spicy sauce. They were difficult to eat and just not very tasty. The chicken chow mein ($5) was pretty good, Mika liked it.
In all, I was unhappy with Blossom and I see no reason to order from there again. New Hong Kong also delivers and is much better.
Blossom Chinese Restaurant
14807 E. 14th St.
San Leandro, CA
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