Pelton Cafe

Sunday morning we went to brunch at the Pelton Cafe. This used to be a favorite of Mike’s (God knows why), but I’ve always felt the food to be a cut below sub-par. We hadn’t been there in a while, though, and I think in the mean time the place changed owners, though the quality of the food stayed the same. Mike had his usual sunrise combo, or something of the sort, pancakes, eggs, sausage, you know, the usual. It was fine. Mika had themost pathetic happy face pancake ($4!). It was one large panckage with a happy face drawn with whipped topping. It didn’t come out very well, however, and the face looked more frowny than anything.
I made the mistake (yes, memory can be short) of ordering a burger (comes with potato chips, not fries). It was horrible, McDonalds produces higher quality burgers. The burger was dried, fatty and I wouldn’t be surprised if it included an additive of some sort. It wasn’t very large, either, and while it was cheap given its low quality I felt ripped off. In short, don’t order a burger here.
The Pelton Cafe served dinners for a little while, but I think they are back to serving lunch and breakfast only. Good thing.
(San Leandro Restaurant Reviews)

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