The other night we went to dinner at Grasshopper, and decided to skip dessert there and head to Leonidas instead. Leonidas is a Belgium chocolatier that produces and sells specialty chocolates. There are Leonidas shops all over Belgium, and apparently the rest of the world as well. My friend Adriana who lives in Belgium loves them, and I brought a couple of pounds with me after my last trip there (they are significantly cheaper in Belgium than in the States), but I’m less excited about them. Call me a plebe, but I prefer Sees Candies all the way.

While my friends were getting candy – and Eddie was nice enough to buy a piece for each one of our husbands -, I got some dulce de leche gelato ($3 for a small cup) and I was hooked. The gelato was almost as good as the one back home. It had a light, cool consistency, and yet was creamy and very flavorful. If you’re in Rockridge make sure you get some.

6311 College Avenue

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  1. Jean Montare

    Yes Leonidas is very good, but I think it’s to big, it’s more and more a multinational and it’s less and less just Belgian chocolate :D. I prefer Bouchard in Belgium http://www.bouchard.be/en/node/18 , it’s really nice :).

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