Comment on Tsuru Sushi

Reader Michaele Maurer wrote me about her own experience at Tsuru Sushi, a small Japanese restaurant in downtown restaurant that I wasn’t particularly thrilled with. I’m always happy to publish other people’s experiences, specially well written ones.

We dined at Tsuru Sushi this evening. The atmosphere was quiet and pleasant,
the service swift and deft. Although the television over the bar could be
clearly seen, the staff had turned the sound OFF – bless them forever! I
found the chicken teriyaki satisfactory – I enjoyed the smoky grilled
flavor – but my tonkatsu was dry, though pretty to look at. Tonight I
discovered that I don’t like tonkatsu sauce. I brought home a *huge* order
of tempura for my daughter, who gave me a slice of the eggplant; good flavor
but somewhat over-greasy. The miso soup was light and savory, not oversalted.
I will definitely go back for a sushi dinner. On an impulse, I ordered a
pair of yellowtail sushi – at $3.50, why not? It was delicious. I’m not a
connoisseur of sushi, but this was sufficiently well-made to arouse my
interest in trying again. The fish was beautiful, tender, and the entire
dish had a wonderfully clean, fresh flavor. The pickled ginger was a nice
touch; I wish they had served some more with the tonkatsu.
Unlike you, I *am* a fan of vegetables and sorely missed their presence at
Tsuri Sushi; three baby carrots and a broccoli sprig just aren’t enough for
me. Next time we’ll just add a vegetable dish to our order.
Michaele Maurer

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