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I walk by Tsuru Sushi almost every day on my way to the library, the supermarket or BART. I've stopped there before, to buy some very cute little bowls displayed in the window. But in my almost six years in San Leandro, I'd never actually eaten there. Given that I don't like sushi, that's not actually surprising, but still, I do want to try at least all the restaurants within walking distance of my home. And I finally did on a weeknight in November 2005.

Tsuru Sushi is larger inside than its small storefront would indicate. The decor is informal and about thirty years out of date. Bamboo and plants abound, but the fluorescent lights take any island feeling out of the experience. It's an OK place to eat, but in a small-town, blue-collar sort of way.

The menu is standard Japanese, with appetizers in the $4-6 range, entrees in the $10-12 range and combos around $16. Sushi plates are small so dinner can be expensive.

We ordered the beef kushi ($6), thin slices of beef rolled around some green onions served with some type of sauce. Mike liked it, but I felt the beef was underseasoned, though helped by the sauce. I can't imagine ordering it again.

I was also disappointed by the chicken teriyaki ($10). The pressed chicken was tough, bland and unpleasantly white. The sauce tasted like it came from a bottle. I figured I could get some chicken, grill it on my George Foreman and top it with some bottled teriyaki sauce and achieve a better result for less money. I was especially disappointed given how good the beef teriyaki had been at Ozeki Sushi.

Mike ordered a Dragon roll with unagi, avocado and unagi sauce ($14), and later an extra order of unagi ($4.25). Both Mika and him really liked the unagi, though not as much as that served at Ozeki. The Dragon roll was somewhat disappointing, but they did enjoy the unagi sauce. Tsuru Sushi also features some unique creations, such as the E. 14th Roll, San Leandro Roll, Crazy Tommy Roll, and Dynamite Roll.

Service was a bit slow, but they seemed to be understaffed.

The place is semi-child friendly. High chairs are available and there were other kids around when we visited. There was no changing table in the bathroom, however. They also have candy for sale at the entrance.

Tsuru Sushi
1427 East 14th St.
San Leandro, CA
M-Sa 11am-2:30 pm, 5-9:30 pm
Su 12:30 - 9:30pm

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