Safeway’s Tri-Tip


Last night, and agains today for lunch, we had “Rancher’s Reserve” tri-tip, grilled on the BBQ. Rancher’s Reserve is select grade meat (i.e. fit for human consumption) that for whatever reason is supposed to be more tender than it should. And indeed it is. Flavor wise it’s clearly inferior to Costco’s choice meat, but it is probably just as tender. I’d probably buy it again if I couldn’t get Costco beef.


2 Comments on “Safeway’s Tri-Tip”

  1. derek says:

    Rancher’s Reserve (Safeway) and Harris Ranch (Albertsons) are both Choice and NOT select.

  2. Marga says:

    I actually have it from a source at Safeway, who should know, that it is select grade meat that is supposed to be just more tender (but not more flavorful) than regular select meat. I have no idea if Albertsons is actually Choice.

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