Bread pudding at the farmer’s market

I hadn’t been to the farmer’s market in quite a while. Generally, Mike and Mika go there on Saturday mornings letting me sleep late. But I was awake today so I tagged along. I discovered that there was a new stand I hadn’t seen before, staffed by two African-American older ladies and selling seafood gumbo, cobblers, cheesecake, pecan pie and the like. I wanted to try something, of course, and I settled on the bread pudding. I LOVE bread pudding but as Mike doesn’t, I seldom feel inclined to make it.
Unfortunately, this bread pudding wasn’t very good. It was too dry and while it came with a sauce, there wasn’t enough of it and it hadn’t permeated the pudding enough. As a result, the pudding didn’t have much flavor. It was a large portion and it satisfied my hunger but not my desire for good bread pudding. I guess I’ll have to make my own after all – maybe a savory one. Anyone has a great recipe?

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