Best Burger

We went Halloween costume shopping at K-mart today and on the way there I noticed Best Burger in the shopping mall across the street. We hadn’t been there before so I mentioned to Mike that we should try it sometime. He figured there was no time like the present so we decided to go there for dinner.
Best Burger occupies a corner in an outdoor mall. It’s a clean, light, but otherwise non-descript restaurant with wooden booths and tables and chairs. Orders are taken at the counter, you are given a number which they call when the food is ready. In addition to burgers (single, double, junior, bacon) they serve hot dogs and a variety of other sandwiches (fish, chicken, linguica, pastrami, etc. – $2-5.25). We found the food to be a bit pricier than at Nation’s and not as good.
Mike ordered a cheeseburger ($3.75) which he proclaimed to be “fine”. It wasn’t as juicy as Nation’s and he wasn’t crazy for the shredded lettuce. The other toppings were pretty scant. It seemed to have a thousand islands type sauce and it reminded me of a Big Mac.
I had the New York Steak sandwich ($5.25) and it wasn’t bad but not great. The steak was tender enough and cooked medium-rare as we ordered, but it wasn’t very flavorful. It came in a supermarket-type sandwich bun, with sad looking shredded iceberg, tomato, thin rings of red onion and pickles. The sandwich was a bit small, but I was quite full by the time I finished it. I’d eat it again, but wouldn’t go out of my way to get it.
We ordered fries ($1.75) which were OK though a little on the soggy side and onion rings ($2.75) which were overdone but otherwise fairly good.
We ordered a grilled cheese sandwich ($2) for Mika which was made with American cheese and tasted accordingly. She didn’t have any. Her vanilla milk shake ($2 for a small) was also disappointing, it tasted very artificial.
In all, we found the food adequate for a quick stop when you’re hungry and in the neighborhood but not worth your while going out of your way to get it.
Best Burger
14393 Washington Ave. #J
San Leandro, CA

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