Jazz Kitchen Express @ Downtown Disney – Review

jazzkitchenexpress.jpgI planned my day at Disneyland quite well, including where to go for lunch, but I neglected to make dinner plans. Truth be told I thought the kids would be too tired to eat and would grab something quick somewhere. I forgot about me. So, when we found ourselves hungry outside of Disneyland near 8 PM, facing a one-to-two hours drive home, we knew we had to get some food, we just didn’t know where. So I walked down Downtown Disney trying to find something that wouldn’t be too expensive and had a hope to be good. The Jazz Kitchen Express seemed like our best bet, but the food was poor and expensive for the quantities, next time I’ll do my homework.
The Jazz Kitchen Express is basically a food counter attached to the full Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen restaurant in downtown Disney serving Southern/Creole sandwiches and dishes. Sitting is outside, by the street. It was cold on a May evening and they didn’t have heat lamps.
I ordered the catfish & fries for myself (~$8) and was amazed that the catfish portion consisted of two microscopic pieces of fish. I’d say that in all I probably got 2 oz of fish. It was fairly tasty, if a bit cold, but come on! The portion of fries was more abundant, the fries were not particularly tasty and a bid dry, but edible. Mika and Nikki were unhappy that the cheese in their plain cheeseburgers ($6) wasn’t melted, using cold cheese and not melting it also made the whole burgers sort of cold. SO probably fared best with his pulled pork Po Boy sandwich ($8) but only by default. The meat wasn’t very abundant and it wasn’t particularly tasty.
I finished my meal with a large piece of bread pudding ($5.50). It was decent. The hot chocolate ($3), however, was not. It was made with water rather than milk and it was steaming hot. Even with some ice it took over half an hour and a couple of burnt tongues to cool down.
In all, it was a disappointing meal, the sort of meal you have when you have no other choices.
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