Petite sirloin steak @ Safeway

Safeway had value packs of “petite sirloin steak” for sale this week at $3lb (a dollar less than top sirloin), so I figured I’d buy some. I wasn’t too sure what “petite sirloin steak” was, but a google search showed that this cut is also known as “sirloin tips”, “round tips”, “flap steak” or “flap meat”. It’s the part of the round that’s right next to the sirloin. The pieces at Safeway consisted of small, thick steaks, with a layer of fat on one edge.
I used them to make Beef Stroganoff. This required me to cut the petite sirloins into thin strips and then pan fry them on some oil. I was surprised at how tender the results were: perhaps not as tender as a tenderloin, but definitely more tender than a sirloin or similar steak. For this purpose, this was an ideal cut. Flavor-wise I wasn’t too thrilled with it, it wasn’t as gamy as I’d like it, but you don’t need much flavor when you have a sauce like Stroganoff. I’ll definitely buy this cut again when it’s on sale to use in dishes where I want tenderness for cheap.

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