Emil Villa’s for breakfast – San Leandro – Updated review

2013 Update

Emil Villa had a fire and is closed, it doesn’t seem  that they’ll be re-opening.

Sunday Mika and I went out to brunch at Emil Villa’s in San Leandro. It wasn’t my first choice for breakfast, but we were without transportation and Emil Villa’s is only a few blocks away from my home. We had an OK, but not very exciting experience.
I’m partial to sweet offerings for breakfast, and Emil Villa’s offers french toast, pancakes and a pecan waffle. Both the french toast and pancakes come plain, no fruit toppings or anything special, and accompanied by corn syrup. I got the sourdough french toast ($7, I think) and was disappointed that the plate consisted of four, thick but small slices of french toast and nothing more. It was sort of expensive for the price, specially given how plain it was. Mika got the pancakes from the children’s menu. The two pancakes were HUGE, one would have been more than enough for a child under 12. She liked that they were fluffy, but they were nothing special. She probably wouldn’t order them again. I think they were $5.
Service was very good.
Emil Villa’s is a very popular place for weekend breakfast, something which I cannot understand. Grant it, all the breakfast options in San Leandro are dismal, but both JD and Palomares Cafe in Castro Valley offer far superior breakfast options for about the same price.
Emil Villa’s
1800 E 14th St
San Leandro, CA
(510) 351-7427
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