Plumrose Brown Sugar Ham – Review

Plumrose Brown Sugar HamMy plan for dinner tonight was to make Chicken Cordon Blue, this time with ham (rather than prosciutto), as it’s significantly cheaper. Alas, Mike had forgotten to get the ham at the supermarket, so I decided to get some at Grocery Outlet. It was a mistake.
There were only two packages of ham available, and I got this Plumroase brown sugar ham rather than the other one as it actually had brown sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup. Still, this one had artificial maple flavor, so it’s not as it was a much healthier alternative. But the real problem with this ham is that it has very little flavor. There is some saltiness to it, and some fake sweetness and even fake smokiness, but no ham flavor at all. It doesn’t taste “bad” just not very hammy.
At about $3 a pound, though, it’s quite cheap. But it has added water, so who knows how much actual ham you are getting.

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