Cheap Today at Grocery Outlet: Peanut Oil


peanutoil.jpgHollywood Peanut Oil, 24-Ounce at $2! It’s usually $5-6 at the supermarket. I probably should stock up.


2 Comments on “Cheap Today at Grocery Outlet: Peanut Oil”

  1. Hold up. Where you get that peanut oil at? Kroger or Aldi or something? Besides cooking purposes, I find it good to remove my toe rings after my feet swell.

  2. Marga Lacabe says:

    No, I shop at Safeway, and the same bottle of peanut oil is $7 at Safeway right now! I don’t understand how they can justify charging so much – but they do. It’s the same thing with lemons, they are 3 times cheaper at GO.

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