Notes on Mohr Im Hemd

A few years ago I made Mohr Im Hemd, a type of Austrian chocolate pudding, as part of my international cooking project. It didn’t work out well for me 🙁
Yesterday I received a message with some hints on how to correctly cook it. I’m copying the message here for the benefit of those who want to make it.
I’ve been looking for a “Mohr im Hemd” recipe for a number of years and your recipe worked just fine for me. Perhaps I can make a couple of suggestions that will make it work better for you as well.
First is the chocolate measurement. “One cup” is a challenge because the measurement is much affected by the fineness of the grating. I made it twice, once with 80 grams (not enough) and a second time with 160 grams (seems perfect). I also grated the chocolate very finely using a rasp – it was like dust and blended in very well. The chocolate in your picture looks like largish lumps.
Secondly, it is important to get the egg whites and the chocolate well-folded together. The chocolate mixture is quite thick, so add about 1/3 of the egg whites and fold it in to lighten it up before folding in the rest of the egg whites.
The resulting cakes were dark chocolate and very dense (and definitely homogeneous), as they are supposed to be. We’ve had “mohr im hemd” in Vienna a few times, but it is increasingly difficult to find a house-made version, rather than factory-made.
The sauce recipe seems to make way too much so I cut that back considerably.
Hope you find the time to read this and make some changes to the online recipe. I notice that your recipe is the same as that of Jakob Schmidlechner, the innkeeper of the Mohrenwirt restaurant in Salzberg, Austria.
Cheers – Jan Reatherford, Ottawa, Canada

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