Better Than Bouillon bases

btb.jpgI have been using Better than Bouillion for several years now, always with perfect results. It’s much better, denser and flavorful, than the bouillon cubes I’d previously used, and even than the ready-made broths you can buy at the store. Plus it’s convenient – you use as little or as much as your recipe calls for, and store the rest in the fridge. Though the jars have an expiration date now, I called the company years ago and they told me the concentrates are good pretty much forever.
Years ago, whenever a recipe called for broth, I used to boil the water, mix it with the base and then add it to the other items. But I’ve become lazy. What I do now, is add the water instead of the broth, wait until the liquid gets hot, and then add and mix the concentrate. Much easier and it works just as well.
Now, I’ve never made broth myself (and I’m not likely to), but I do wonder if home made broth is better than Better Than Bouillon. In his book Kitchen Confidential, Anthony Bourdain talks about how he improved in the homemade stock he had to make for cooking school, with commercial concentrate. The results were better than what anyone could otherwise make. Of course, in his cookbook Bourdain talks about the virtues of homemade stock – but I don’t think I believe him đŸ™‚

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