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Update: Chevy’s is closed.

Yes, I should have known better, but a few days ago prompted by a desire to neither cook nor experiment, and a “buy one, get another one for $4” coupon, we went to Chevys in San Leandro. I, of course, avoided the baby back ribs. Instead I went for the beef fajitas, my ever favorite. The plate (see below) was semi-empty, I guess Chevy’s has decided that roasted veggies are too expensive and that presentation is overrated anyway. I had requested the beef medium rare, but as you can see there was no hint of pinkness on the meat. The portions of sour cream, guacamole and tamalito were also significantly reduced since the last time I’ve had the dish – and there was no pico de gallo at all. I know that food prices have gone up, but that was just ridiculous. The meat tasted fine, but clearly they are tired and bored of this dish.

Mike had one of the seafood combos on special. He thought it was fine, what he expected from Chevy’s, fairly consistent, decent food. The girls nibbled at their quesadillas.
For dessert we had their chewy sunday which was large enough for the whole family to share. It wasn’t as good as the desserts at Chili’s, but it was satisfying.
In all, I think I won’t be getting a hankering from going back to Chevys anytime soon.


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  1. Marga Lacabe says:

    In my defense, years ago, when I was in my twenties, Chevys used to be quite good. I loved their chips and salsa (they’re still good) and their beef fajitas. I don’t know if all Chevys have declined, but the San Leandro Chevys is one of the worse restaurants I’ve ever gone to.
    I should definitely have re-read the review above before going to lunch there yesterday. If possible, the experience was worse than the last time. Even though it was about 2:30 PM, we still had to wait to get seated. Once seated, it was about fifteen to twenty minutes before a waiter deigned to come to our table. No chips, salsa or water were delivered before or after our order was taken – finally someone who seemed to be a manager brought us a microscopic basket of chips (the baskets are about half the size now that they used to be). It was a while before we got some water, and even longer before Mika got her orange juice.
    The food, when it finally came, was lackluster. They seem to have changed the marinade that they used on the steak fajitas, rather than succulent, the scrawny pieces of meat tasted sad and sour. At $12 for five tiny slices, it was highway robbery. Mike’s chicken fajitas were dry, dry, dry.
    The lunch, including a margarita, came to $40 after our much-reduced tip (why should we tip a waiter that does not even deign to talk to us?). Ridiculously expensive for such bad food.
    So heed my advise, avoid Chevys at all costs.

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