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Update: This restaurant has closed.

Don't order baby back ribs at Chevys. That's my conclusion after having been to the restaurant twice in the last month (September 2007). The first time they were so dry that I was sure they'd been kept under a hot lamp for hours. The second time they were better, but nowhere as moist and succulent as those at Chili's. They also weren't as flavorful. Indeed, with Chili's around there is no reason to order baby back ribs at Chevys. Of course, Chevys is a Tex-Mex place so you can argue that one shouldn't order baby back ribs there in the first place, but they used to be fairly good.

The other food we had at Chevys was good enough. Last time we went Mike ordered the Taste of Chevys. The chicken enchilada, the taco and the chicken tamale were all quite good, though the beef enchilada had an off-taste. The kids had chicken strips (OK) and a cheese quesadilla (Mika liked it).

The restaurant itself looks like a chain restaurant, and is loud enough so that kid's voices don't really disturb anyone. They have the famous tortilla maker El Machino, which the kids love to watch. There are crayons for the kids, which keeps them mildly entertained. In short, it's a good place to go with kids.

Other dishes which we have enjoyed on other occasions include the beef quesadillas and beef fajitas.

Service was really hurried the first time we went, on a Friday night. We didn't have silverware and it took five minutes and requests from two waiters to get it. But it was friendly and they obviously aim to please. I did complain about the dryness of my ribs after my first visit, and I got a manager to call me back and give us a coupon for a free meal. I thought that was very nice.

In all, I wasn't too excited about Chevys, and if they don't go back to serving their original tortilla chips, I would certainly not go back.

312 Bay Fair Mall
San Leandro, CA
(510) 276-0962