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New International Menus Up

I’ve cooked quite a few international dishes in the last few months, but I haven’t actually updated this blog about the cuisines I’ve “finished”.  I actually have a few more to write up, but if I wait until I’m done with those, I’ll forget all about it.

So, the new cuisines I’ve done are those of:

Ancient Persia – a nice khoresh and chilau made a great weekday meal.

Dominica – included one of the best chicken dishes I’ve ever eaten

Dominican Republic – wasn’t too successful with this one 🙁

Holland – you have to try the pancakes!

Dum Pukht – this is not a place but a style of cuisine that emerged during the Mogul empire in India.

Dalmatia and Denmark are also finished, but I have to write them up.  Hopefully I’ll get to it later today.