A Taste of the South: Notes from a Trip to Louisiana
Chasing the Eclipse: Gastronomic Notes from a Trip to New Orleans and Dallas.

Wherein we discovered that Po-Boys are just subs

I had meant my trip to New Orleans to be a foodie trip of sorts, and I wanted to make sure we tried most of the most typical dishes of the city, a rather hard task for a two day trip as there are many. One of them are po’boy sandwiches. I had had po’boys before, at different restaurants in California, but I was never quite clear as to what exactly they were. Well, it turns out that they are just a version the New Orleans version of sub sandwiches: hot sandwiches served in half-loaves of French bread. There are different stories as to where they got the po’boy name in New Orleans and clearly different ways to spell its “poor boy” name. The most famous po’boys in New Orleans are generally those featuring oysters or shrimp/crawfish (the latter are basically just fresh water shrimp), but they can have almos any filling you can imagine. Johnny’s Po-Boys probably has one of the most extensive selection of po-‘boys in New Orleans. They also serve seafood platters and New Orleans specialties such as jambalaya and red beans and rice.

Johnny’s Po-Boys is a very casual eatery. It’s the oldest family-owned po’boy restaurant in New Orleans, now in its eight decade of existence. It features a handful of tables covered with plastic tablecloths and a counter where you order your po’boy. It gets pretty busy at lunch time. Prices are pretty high, from the mid-teens to low twenties for a sandwich. But this is the French Quarter and they mostly cater to tourists.

I wasn’t yet hungry enough for lunch, so Mike ordered a Vodoo Shrimp po’boy for himself ($20) with lettuce (and additional 25-cents!). He thought it was awesome. It had a generous amount of shrimp and a very tasty, and only slightly spicy, sauce. He gave it a 10/10, which is extremely unusual for him. He would definitely order it again.

Johny's Po-Boys
511 St Louis St
New Orleans, LA
Th-Su 8 AM - 3:30 PM

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