Earl Grey for Cheap: Dilmah & Taja Tea

There are many things I love about having Grocery Outlet so near my house, and one of them is their ever changing brands of tea.  I used to pretty much only buy Twinnings tea (waiting for it to go on sale, as it’s usually $4 for 20 bags), but so many of the teas I’ve found at Grocery Outlet are comparable in flavor, that I am no longer tied to that venerable branch.

I’m usually a black-tea girl, but I do make an exception for Earl Grey, a black tea flavored with bergamot orange oil.  I’ve recently had those produced by Taja Tea and Dilmah, and they were both excellent.

Taja Tea specializes on “saffron” teas and offers five flavors.  The Earl Grey is made with black tea from Argentina, and artificial bergamot flavors (I checked).  Still, it is delicious.  Other Taja Tea flavors also get good reviews, and I may try the red rubio and the assam if I catch them at GO.

Dilmah is a Sri Lanka based, family company, established soon after Sri Lanka gained its independence.  They specialize on Ceylonese tea, as you’d expect, and their Earl Grey is very satisfying.  It’s not as flavorful as Taja’s, but it has nothing to envy Twinnings.  It uses Ceylon black tea and artificial bergamot flavoring.

They are both cheaper than Twinnings as well. I’ll check the actual prices next time I go to GO, but they’re about $1.50 to $2 per box of 20.


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