Organic spices @ Grocery Outlet

Grocery Outlet usually carries a selection of spices, though often times they are no-name brands.  Then again, I’m not sure what “name” brands are vis a vis spaces or whether it would make a difference.  Are there lower quality nutmeg trees?  In any case, today I found a number of Nash Brothers Trading Company organic spices at the San Leandro Grocery Outlet.  They had parsley and oregano, maybe ground cloves and definitely ground nutmeg (that’s what I got). I think they were all $2-3 for a “regular” size jar. That’s about 1.7oz in nutmeg, but it’ll vary on other spices.

Nash Brothers is a “premium” brand of the Nash Finch Company, a large distributor of private label food items.  Nash Finch is hoping to develop Nash Brothers as a national branch and place it in large supermarkets.  So far it doesn’t seem to have been too successful, but I guess Grocery Outlet is a start (or is it an end?).  In any case, in addition to spices, GO also is carrying Nash Brothers organic vanilla extract ($5 for a 4 oz bottle).  Alas, the extract is not “pure”, which means it doesn’t have as much alcohol as others, which I imagine means the vanilla flavor is more diluted.  I still got some, though, let’s see how well it works.

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