Cucina & Amore Arrabbiata Pasta Sauce

I got this pasta sauce at Grocery Outlet ($2 for a 17.6 oz box) because I was looking for a higher-quality pasta sauce to go with a dish I was making for dinner.  This sauce, made in Italy, contains all natural ingredients: tomatoes, tomato paste, sweet red peppers, evoo, anchovy paste, salt, parsley, garlic, sugar and chili powder.   The results is a very nice and fresh tasting sauce, with a strong (but pleasant) red pepper flavor.  My daughter found the sauce too sour, and I have to agree with her though that wasn’t a problem with me.  It didn’t go well with the dish I made, the flavor of the sauce is too strong to mix in with other ingredients, but I think it’d be pleasant enough by itself.  At $2 for basically 2-cups worth of sauce it’s a pretty expensive for a place like Grocery Outlet, but I think it’s worth it.

Note, because the sauce comes in a box rather than a jar, you can’t actually reseal it so plan to use it quickly.

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