Harry & David Moose Munch @ Grocery Outlet

Grocery Outlet (at least the one in San Leandro) has 4.5 oz packages of Christmas-packaged Harry & David Moose Munch for sale at 99-cents.  They expire on 10/28/11, so they’re still perfectly fine to eat.  They have several flavor varieties, I tried the milk chocolate and another Christmasy flavor with cinnamon or ginger, which I didn’t enjoy.  They also have dark chocolate.  The milk chocolate popcorn was very good, though I’d say that about 10% of the popcorn is actually covered with milk chocolate, the rest is just good, but not extraordinary, caramel popcorn.  In all, it’s not a bad snack for $1 – though at 630 calories for the whole package, I’m not sure it’s really worth it, even if you share it with someone.

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