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Nov. 2011 Update
Went back to Horatio’s a few days – it’s one of the very few places that stays open past 9 PM on a Sunday night. I had their pear bread pudding and was surprised to find out that the dessert portions have shrank considerably. This time, the dessert consisted of a square about half as large as it used to be. It was still $8, though.
To make things worse they’ve gotten rid of the Chocolate Decadence cake, which was our favorite dessert.
I guess I’ll have to start looking harder for someplace else to go for dessert.
Feb. 2010 Update
Despite my previous review of the Horatio’s bar (below), I’ve been there several times in the last couple of years, and I’ve generally been pleased. There is a complete dearth of “nice” bars in San Leandro where you can go for drinks/dessert (Paradiso has a tiny bar, CreAsian‘s is not much bigger and Vila Cereja has terrible desserts), so Horatio’s is really the only game in town. Plus their desserts are usually good (despite a couple of not great experiences).
Anyway, my friends and I tried to go there for dessert last night (a Saturday), only to find out that both the restaurant and bar now close at 10 PM. 10 PM! On a Saturday! It surprised me as, despite the economy, every time I’d gone to Horatio’s in the past there were quite a lot of people. It also annoyed me, as we still were not ready to go home. Fortunately El Torito (see next posting) next door was still open and had desserts – but I’m really disappointed that Horatio’s is no longer an option for hanging out late.

Last night my friend Desiree and I went to Horatio’s for dessert. As you may recall, Mike and I went there last week and found the lounge closed for renovations. Well, it has reopened and not for the better.
Gone is the enclosed platform where the bar was. Now, it’s just one big room, with a long bar to a side. It’s more spacious and there are tables everywhere. It looks much more like a bar than a lounge, the lights have been turned up and the place is incredibly noisy – you have to shout to hear yourself.
Needless to say, I don’t like it. I found the old lounge both romantic and relaxing, a great place to hang out with friends or Mike. The new place will work best for people looking to party or get drunk. I’m sad.
We had dessert, and at least this time the chocolate decadence cake was not stale – though the slices seem smaller and the prices have gone up (it’s $8.50 now). Desiree had their fruit crumble, and she wasn’t too happy with it. She found the fruit (I think they were peaches) bitter.
I doubt I’ll be going back to Horatio’s.
60 San Leandro Marina
San Leandro
(510) 351-5556
M-Sa: last call 10 PM
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